Our mission

improve the way we build houses in new zealand through the use of affordable high performance building solutions.

Policon Building Products was developed in response to the Christchurch earthquakes which left large areas of land unable to withstand heavyweight structures.

By developing light-weight building materials made from recycled EPS (polystyrene} and concrete, Policon provided innovative building solutions like PIC Raft to reduce the weight of buildings and their foundations.

The company has evolved to use its connections with the European building industry to source and exclusively distribute the renown ISOMAT products in New Zealand.


matt tipa

“With 45 years experience within the building industry, I’m excited to be focusing on the commercialisation and development of Policon products. Policon offers innovative solutions to the challenges presented by building in post-quake Christchurch.”


dimitris axis

“As an innovator behind Policon products, my focus is to continue the development of specialised mixes and machinery applications. My passion lies in creating building products that will make a notable improvement to the way we build houses in New Zealand and overseas.”

Sustainability is important to us

we recycle polystyrene extracted from the waste stream and turn it into lightweight thermally superior cladding and ground improvement solutions

Our locally produced products PIC Raft and Axion Block use recycled polystrene…